THE FLASH TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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The Flash will feature an epic crossover crisis with the Michael Keaton Batman, Ben Affleck Batman, and more from the DC multiverse, based on the 2011 Flashpoint comic event! Erik Voss breaks down this trailer frame by frame for visual details you missed, DC Easter Eggs, and how this film will set up the new DC universe going forward!

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Comically Inclined Studios
Karen Wang
Rick Denmon

Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Producer: Erik Voss
Producers: Zach Huddleston & Brandon Barrick
Head of Production: John Costa
Post Production Supervisor: Riley Auskelis
Staff Editors: Drew Coombs, Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Aaron Carrion, Ed Vilderman
Camera Operator: Dashiell Hamingson

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47 thoughts on “THE FLASH TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

  1. If I go see this movie will it throw me into a DC rabbit hole? My intro to the mcu was Endgame. I'd seen bits and pieces ironman and Spiderman and so confused when they where both there and still crying.
    So is it safe?

  2. I really dont think thats dark flash jumping into the Batwing , that looks like Nam-Ek to me not to mention if they in the air when he throws Batman off the batwing i dont think dsrk flash can flash either

  3. That kind of stinks that this is a Nother earth with Michael Keaton as Batman but it’s not the 1989 in 1992 Batman but I guess it’s good that they didn’t continue his story because we didn’t get a third movie or anything so we don’t really know how he played out