The Flash Trailer 2023: Ben Affleck Batman and Superman Easter Eggs Breakdown

The Flash Trailer 2023. Ben Affleck Batman. Henry Cavill Superman, Michael Keaton Batman, Flashpoint, New Justice League, Supergirl & Blue Beetle Trailer ►
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Covering The Flash Movie Trailer. James Gunn DCEU Reboot Explained. How James Gunn is recasting the Justice League Actors. Changes to The Flash Movie, Henry Cavill Superman Post Credit Scene in The Flash. Wonder Woman Shazam Fury of the Gods Cameo Scene Changes. Michael Keaton Batman changes. Robert Pattinson Batman and New James Gunn DC Movie Plans. Michael Shannon Zod Returns, Post Credit Scene Changes. Every Batman Suit in the Movie. Nicolas Cage Superman Cameo Scene Explained. Superman Lives Movie Teaser. George Clooney Batman Cameo Scene.

Superman Legacy Teaser 2025. Why Henry Cavill Man of Steel 2 was cancelled. James Gunn DC Movies Plan. And why james gunn is writing the next superman movie. Superman 2025 Movie Story, younger superman like The Batman Movie with Robert Pattinson. How they said Henry Cavill might return as Superman in the future in a different way.

The future of DC Movies recasting the Zack Snyder Snyderverse Justice League actors. And DC Rebirth timeline of movies. And how The Flash Movie Flashpoint sets that up now. With all the changes. How Ben Affleck comes back to direct future dc movies. And their future plans for The Batman.

Black Adam Post Credit Scene, Black Adam Ending Explained. Henry Cavill Superman Explained. Superman Cameo Scene, Post Credit Scene, Henry Cavill Superman The Flash Movie Cameo Scene. Avengers 5 Kang Dynasty Trailer, Avengers 6 Secret Wars Trailer, Thunderbolts Trailer, Deadpool 3 Wolverine Trailer, Fantastic Four Teaser and Loki Season 2 Trailer!

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27 thoughts on “The Flash Trailer 2023: Ben Affleck Batman and Superman Easter Eggs Breakdown

  1. Thank you for the explanation.

    You have convinced me that I was right to NOT want to see this. They have allowed a great disservice to be done on Kara Zor-El, Lara Kent, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

    WB & DC are not worth my money anymore. Gunn & Snyder are overrated. Ezra should've been removed from the films. I'm done!

  2. So I'm confused on aspect of his speed force energy in this one. I mean I'm glad it's the traditional yellow lighting now but how are they going to explain changing it from the blue in Justice League.

  3. How is it possible for Barry to go to a parallel universe where he and his parents are the same versions yet Batman is different? The Batman in that universe should also be Batfleck wearing the Keaton suit. They both can't be named Bruce Wayne and look completely different. They should be the same. It also presents problems with Superman because all of the events that happened in Barry's Earth one are supposed to happen in Earth two otherwise there's no point in going there to save his mother. He needs all the events to happen the same way, therefore Batfleck and Superman should also exist. Yes things can go differently in other universes, but, remember, Barry says in the trailer he chose that one because he wants to save her, which means the conditions in that universe is happening exactly how it happened in his. Batfleck and the Man of Steel should be there, not Keaton or Supergirl.

  4. It seems like somebody dies. Maybe Batman. And the older Barry Allen starts to realize that death is inevitable And learns a lesson that you can’t change everything. There’s a fixed point in time that has to happen no matter what. But the younger one, since his mother wasn’t taken from him and he didn’t have to deal with any trauma, when he finally loses somebody from his universe, he keeps going back in time and ends up as the dark flash because of the speed force.