The Batman Showdown: Keaton vs Affleck vs Bale vs Pattinson

Michael Keaton (Batman) vs Ben Affleck (dceu Batman) vs Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) vs Robert Pattinson (the batman)
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47 thoughts on “The Batman Showdown: Keaton vs Affleck vs Bale vs Pattinson

  1. Smartest-Batfleck
    Most experienced-Batkeaton
    Underrated Combat skills-Batbale
    Best Batman-Batfleck
    Best Bruce Wayne-Batbale

  2. Batafleck is alone for whole DC and MCU😂😂😂. But he can't defeat Celestial, Infinity stones, or any other cosmic entities and also God's

  3. Did you really give combat to the most younger Batman ? 😂 Conbat goes to either Keaton or Batfleck because they are the oldest batman they are potrayed 30-40 yo batman so they have more Experience and ofc combat