BALE Back as Batman? According to Scoopers

Former Dark Knight Batman Actor Christian Bale might Return as Batman in Flash & Brave & The Bold! According to Grace & Scoopers Bale is likely to come back! Playing the New shared Universe Batman. James Gunn has yet to comment on this outlandish Rumor. But many fans forget that Bale HATES Robin and refused to ever do a movie with Batman’s Partner. Here is my thoughts on this crazy DC Films Scoop.

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JUST what are the FLASH Leaks?

* Batman & Superman replaced by Female SideKicks
* Keaton performance like Luke in TLJ
* New Justice League Created with Shazam, Supergirl and Flash
* Zack Synder Films erased from continuity
* Keaton steps down as Batman in Batgirl Movie
* Female Trinity Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl
* Barry Allen is the Villain of the Story
* Multiverse merged into 1 Earth like Infinite Crisis

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