Retro Twist: Episode 5 of Harley Quinn in 1930’s Style

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In the latest episode of “But Make it Vintage”, I decided to embrace the comic book theme and go for the iconic Harley Quinn look! This creation was inspired by the concept art of Savannah Alexandra Art, who deserves all the support for her amazing talent!

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36 thoughts on “Retro Twist: Episode 5 of Harley Quinn in 1930’s Style

  1. This was hilarious, interesting, and very enjoyable! I discovered RM after these earlier vids and never once thought "hey, go backwards in time." Going to start having some fun!

  2. Wow, I've Literally just came across your channel, and I've been trying to get Back into sewing (Yes, I am a Tailor) and Found a Vintage clown sewing pattern that i can use to re-create the Young Michael Myers clown outfit from 1978. The Mask has already been Ordered so just needed the Pattern for the clown outfit. now it's been ordered yey lol

  3. Hereโ€™s a fun tip I learned from Party Princessing: if youโ€™ve done your make up and need to get in costume, put a jazzy little plastic bag over your head. You can put a hole in the top of it, or not if you want a fun ER story