Christian Bale VS Robert Pattinson #shorts #batman #christianbale #robertpattinson #dc @vseditz123

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Christian Bale VS Robert Pattinson

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33 thoughts on “Christian Bale VS Robert Pattinson #shorts #batman #christianbale #robertpattinson #dc @vseditz123

  1. Experience should've been a tie because even with 3 movies, Bale was only active as Batman for about 2 years or just over…… Batman Begins & The Dark Knight happens across two years & then he retires for 8 years.

    Pattinson is on his 2nd year in his second movie and is a much more capable Batman than Bale who was on his 3rd. Pattinson's Batman is Smarter, Is faster, Can fight much better, Can take more damage……. When Battinson is gonna be an absolute unit on his 3rd movie.

  2. Pattinson is the only comic accurate and realistic Batman. Now I know bale stans gonna hate me but you have to read the comics, Batman didn’t have the best tech in year one, personally I loved TDK and TDKR but I have to say pattinson is more realistic and comic accurate.

  3. They both are good but you have to factor in that Roberts Batman is in his second year compared to Christian Bale. So Roberts abilities and tech was not as advanced as Bales.

  4. If pattison fought the villain bale fought he won't come out alive tell me the main villain he hlfoight riddler who was captured and some criminal kid

  5. People who say Pattinson is a more detective than bale hope you know bale never really did any detective work he knew all his villain there was no mystery to solve okay

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