Christian Bale Returning as DCU BATMAN?! + James Gunn Talks SNYDERVERSE on Netflix

Christian Bale Returning as DCU BATMAN?! + James Gunn Talks SNYDERVERSE on Netflix – Discussing new potential leaks about the return of a previous Batman actor in The Flash movie. The Rumour suggests that Christian Bale or George Clooney could return to Batman and possibly even stay as the new DCU Batman in The Brave and The Bold coming from James Gunn DC Studios DCU Chapter 1 plans, Gods and Monsters. DCU Chapter 1 consists of Superman Legacy Movie, Wonder Woman TV Show, Batman & Robin Movie, Green Lantern Series, Swamp Thing movie & more in James Gunn DC Reboot announcement, DC Reboot Batman, and much more DC Studios news.

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0:00 – 4:06 – James Gunn Responds to Sell Snyderverse to Netflix
4:06 – 24:06 – Christian Bale Batman to Return?/DCU Batman

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40 thoughts on “Christian Bale Returning as DCU BATMAN?! + James Gunn Talks SNYDERVERSE on Netflix

  1. VAL lose his voice and geogre said he never play batman again and technically batman forever, and batman and robin are in the same timeline as batman and batman return

  2. Aw no… I don't need any more Bale-Bat. This is shit news if so. A cameo? Alright. Any more, and they can keep it. Never was a fan of his portrayal. Good movies, crappy casting for Batman imo.

  3. Bale would be my pick other then Keaton! But I think the key to this whole twist is that Ben Affleck is directing his own DC movie at some point again according to James Gunn. SO With this said I think the twist will be that he's picked and cast to be the BATMAN also in this new reboot universe. Keaton's BATMAN goes back to his own universe and we could still see him again. The Super girl in this movie will vanish, and so will Cavill Superman giving room to another Superman right? How about this! The next Superman is an old friend………………………. BRANDON ROUTH! He still looks younger than he is and he's got the history as "SUPERMAN" how is this for a spoiler?

  4. If you are saying that Bruce returns to Gotham to become Batman at 25, and we know he was solo before taking in Dick Grayson as an 8 year old and that Dick became Nightwing approximately 10 years later – that would put Batman at about 37ish. Factor in Jason Todd, Tim Gray, and Stephanie Brown – then yes, at minimum we are looking at a 50ish Bruce Wayne by the time Damian arrives, and if you say Bruce's daliance with Talia happened before his return to Gotham, than Damian would be at minimum 25 years old.

  5. Am I the only person who wouldn’t mind George Clooney returning as Batman? Not as the Batman & Robin Batman but just as an actor. Would be a nice way to restore his legacy as Batman.

  6. Well after I found out that Scott Eastwood is under 6'; I had to go back to the drawing board for my fanrecast for Batman and all I can think of personally is Jared Padalecki as the DCU Batman. Let me explain; Jared has the Height, Build, and he's proven in Supernatural he can pull off both sides of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Also I don't believe anything Grace Randolph says when it comes to DC; Her bias is pretty well known.

  7. Like you said, DCU could easily have their Batman be in his mid 30s and have the family before Damian tags along. They could have Batman begin his crusade when he's in his mid 20s. He adopts Dick a couple of years into his career when he's already +10 years old and around that time Batman could've met Talia and stuff happens.
    Dick doesn't have to become Nightwing before Batman finds Jason, it'd make sense he'd have a couple of kids dressing up as Robins at the same time. Tim could be a couple of years younger than Dick and Jason and there would still be room for pre-teen Damian.
    I do sincerily believe Gunn, Safran and the writers can make this work if they really want to.

  8. If the permenant batman isn’t Christian Bale, I will not see this movie, I probably won’t see this movie anyway because Ezra Miller shouldn’t even have a job

  9. Ahhh I keep refreshing to see your reaction or video on the Flash trailer but this one keeps being the only one popping up! 🙁 lol I just am very hyped to see your take, I think it looks very good! Definitely excited to see what you thought of it.

  10. He debunked Clooney but he didn’t say anything about bale, and Val can’t even talk so if she’s right then it’s 100 percent bale but I really REALLY don’t feel like it’s going to happen but I would be happy if it did, it would be bigger than the spidermen I feel

  11. Im 90% sure that the new Batman will be Jensen Ackles. He’s played Batman “in the past” in an animated film, he’s got the chops the loops and the energy. And he’s not as old as bale or Clooney. Feel like this could really be going under everyone’s radar

  12. If Clooney comes back as Batman maybe he could redeem himself and make his Batman dark how he was suppose to be. Also if Christian bale comes back how will Damian exist if Talía died in his universe?

  13. Didn't Christian Bale say he wouldn't come back unless it was another Nolan movie? I mean he'd probably come back for a quick Cameo but I don't think he'd want to be Batman again for another 10 years.

    I've heard a few people mention Wes Bentley and I think he could be an interesting choice he would kill it as Bruce Wayne, not sure about Batman only seen him in American Horror Story, Hunger Games, American Beauty, Interstellar, and Ghost Rider where I don't really remember him doing a ton of Action stuff, but still think he could be cool, he is 44 but I think he still looks more like later 30s

  14. I love Bale. He’s my favorite live action Batman. But I DON’T want him to reprise his role in the DCU. If Warner Bros had Bale reprise his role in BvS, I would’ve understood that. It would’ve been roughly 3-4 years since he last played Batman. But now that ship has sailed. It’s been 11 years since he’s been Batman. By the time Brave and The Bold comes out, it’ll be around 13-15 years. Now, Damian being Bale’s son could make sense as Bruce made love with Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises, but I still don’t want the Nolanverse to make this kind of comeback anymore. The Nolanverse isn’t fresh anymore. They need a new Batman.

  15. I bring forth news, James Gunn has debunked this B.S. rumor from Grace Randolph. Yes, especially Bale.
    He pretty much let everyone know that you're going to see the brand new DCU Batman at the end of The Flash.

  16. Oh noooo this batman sucks because he didn't want a Robin in his movie because he's a selfish batman and sorry I had to say it
    But anyways love all of your video's I really hope DC wake up and fixed the universe

  17. My feeling is, it would be cool to see Bale make a cameo in The Flash. Why not. But, I absolutely would prefer a new actor for the DCU Batman and fully expect that to be the case. It just wouldn't make sense for the new universe, and it REALLY wouldn't make sense for something James Gunn would do. Their focus is on building something new. Not rehashing the past. Those are my thought, anyway.