CHRISTIAN BALE BATMAN HEAD SWAPS! McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Dark Knight Action Figure Review

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Today, we’re taking a long overdue look at some Christian Bale Batman Head Swaps! Some parameters, though! First, since this is a more realistic Batman, I am not including figures that are too stylized or are too “out there.” Additionally, for the purposes of this video I am limiting myself to McFarlane Toys offerings only, so no DC Direct or Mattel. Lastly, a quick reminder that figures like Three Jokers Batman or Hush Batman have a different style of neck joints, so their heads are incompatible.

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21 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN BALE BATMAN HEAD SWAPS! McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Dark Knight Action Figure Review

  1. I do hoped that you managed to order the mcfarlane toys dc multiverse batman knightfall figure and compare him to page punchers Black Adam Superman and Superman hush figures because for what I can see clearly he is shorter and he stacks up well with supes bro I hoped you do that! 😊

  2. Because of you I now have my infected Batman head on the bale suit, for some reason it just really works for me 😂🙌. Thanks for the great content, did you get the kingdom come Batman? That’s my latest favorite, I don’t think you talked about

  3. This is a great idea! Could you please do a headswap video with the ZSJL Batman? I recently bought the unmasked version as the masked version is going for crazy prices, and I just want to know what heads would look good on that body 🙂 Think it could be helpful for the community!

  4. This was such a fun video!! I love all of these different combinations. And I think the Tim Fox sculpt looked great. Really reminded me of the armor Arkham design for Batman beyond

  5. Are you planning on getting the Gold Label movie Flash with the darker red? I’ve been curious to see if a head swap with the Grant Gustin Flash would be possible since I’m not a very big fan of the helmet design for the movie.

  6. There was an anime Batman movie called “Batman: Gotham Knight” and the Bale Head/Pattinson Body combination looks like one of the suits from that movie. I like it.

  7. It’s interesting to see what head swaps combinations you could do with this figure. Even though, I don’t collect these figures I would be curious to see what head swaps you could do with nightwing. Regardless, love your videos Jason!