Christian Bale BACK as Batman According To Rumors – What is James Gunn Doing?


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41 thoughts on “Christian Bale BACK as Batman According To Rumors – What is James Gunn Doing?

  1. I have a dream, that one day chris nolan makes the dark Knight returns movie with Christian bale. With that same style and atmosphere as the trilogy and it would be the best batman movie of all time.

  2. All of the other batman actors have all aged fairly 60+ it leaves literally Affleck Bale and Pattinson.
    Flashpoint this year, The Batman 2 24/2025.
    Hoping Pattinson can really capture the audience with a little something with the joker 🙏
    Then maybe he might of being in conversation for the upcoming flash.

  3. Don’t tell me it’s the twilight guy 🤦‍♂️🤬 straight up if it’s not Christian bale than marvel just took DC out 👎🤷‍♂️ Christian Bale or nothing…

  4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Just saying…

    Technically he hasn’t “played” Batman but he has been Thomas Wayne, which would fit perfectly into flashpoint! And would totally blow everyones mind!! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. I hope CHristian Bale will NOT RETURN, because i love him as Batman and think he was the best Batman ever and i dont want them to spoil his Legacy. And what else will GUNN do to the old heroes… nothing else than just the last jedi showed us. Old characters, favourite heroes used as a jumping board for the new woke agenda heroes, who will be sosososo much better than the heroes we used to know. I think they will just sideline him to promote the associal Ezra Miller. in my eyes this will be the last stand of the DC Universe, Maybe they learned from their mistakes, maybe they will push their aganda and in my eyes fireing Henry Cavill was just the first Dominostone to fall… there will be more soon and i refuse to watch this unfold.

  6. Everyone is in the flash. This is annoying nothing they can do will fix the dumpster fire. I’m not interested do to Ezra. If he wasn’t the lead Id consider it but I ain’t giving him money

  7. Batman Begins, decent. The Dark Knight, epic until the last 10min. The Dark Knight Rises, completely trash beginning to end. Bale could be ok, but that would be it. Seems kinda desperate tho. Good vid

  8. An actor that can play Zorro is the one that could be Batman. Clooney and Affleck were the closest to the accepted comic book type of soldier which in another life would be a millionaire playboy, although the writing was not enough good, and even atrocious in the movie for Clooney. Pattison got a good vibe with the original Batman from the comics.