BALE Back as Batman? According to Scoopers

Former Dark Knight Batman Actor Christian Bale might Return as Batman in Flash & Brave & The Bold! According to Grace & Scoopers Bale is likely to come back! Playing the New shared Universe Batman. James Gunn has yet to comment on this outlandish Rumor. But many fans forget that Bale HATES Robin and refused to ever do a movie with Batman’s Partner. Here is my thoughts on this crazy DC Films Scoop.

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JUST what are the FLASH Leaks?

* Batman & Superman replaced by Female SideKicks
* Keaton performance like Luke in TLJ
* New Justice League Created with Shazam, Supergirl and Flash
* Zack Synder Films erased from continuity
* Keaton steps down as Batman in Batgirl Movie
* Female Trinity Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl
* Barry Allen is the Villain of the Story
* Multiverse merged into 1 Earth like Infinite Crisis

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50 thoughts on “BALE Back as Batman? According to Scoopers

  1. Makes sense if your trying to build the bat family. If it Damian they are going with them Knightwing in red hood should exist? So Knightwing can eventually take the mantle from Batman within the DCU?….

  2. Hm, interesting, personally i don’t know who it will be or who I would prefer, i guess we’ll just have to see,
    Actually, did the Flash Trailer give us an answer to this or no?
    Anyway, i will look forward to more News, see ya then.

  3. I can definitely see a cameo, they have two batmans in why not add one more for a cameo, but as the main universe batman,its hard to say christian bale said that he’d return as bats if Christopher nolan came back,

  4. I just realized the HUGE opportunity James Gun is missing! Henry Cavil is 39 years old, IF they were to ACTUALLY cast him as Superman, this would've been perfect. The man looks incredibly good and in ten years he'll be 49. It's one of those "now or never" moments. Imo, this is a tremendous loss, we could've gotten a God like Superman. Now, who knows what we'll get

  5. James Gunn DCU is an absolute mess and in my opinion is doomed to fail. He should've just done a fresh start. New actors, new continuity, new everything. Instead it's some kind of Mish mash of DCEU, Snyderverse and some new nonsense that he is coming up with.

  6. Clooney absolutely sucks and I’m hearing whispers about that but I hope it’s not true,I do agree Jensen would be a good choice as the dcu Batman ,I would like to see bale as a cameo not the dcu Batman if he were to be the dcu Batman it would ruin the send off he got ten years ago.

  7. 😄😄😄😄 What's with the gay obsession with Batman's physique here ?? Whatever actor selected will wear an armor or padded muscle suit, so it's a moot point. Bale is a master class actor and the best received Batman/Bruce by mainstream audiences. If they can get him, that's DC's biggest win in a decade.

  8. Scott Adkins would have been a solid cast to play batman, but unfortunately he's also too old now.
    They really need to find a hidden gem. A nobody actor that can attach the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne to them to where you only see that character and nobody else. Essentially the James Bond effect.

  9. Bale is my overall favorite Batman, hands down. I’m not sure if he would work well in the mainline DCU, but if they could continue his Dark Knight universe in Elseworld films, then that would be great. Either way is fine with me.

  10. I personally would rather have bale and Nolan do one more dark knight movie. But while Ben Affleck did look the role as Batman I don't mind Jenson Ackles as the next live action Batman maybe Troy Baker? I did like telltale Batman.

  11. He is the best batman , he can pull off bruce wayne and batman , he is a detective, and he is a a real fighter , say what u wanna say about the voice , he is the best , and he looks best on the gargoyle and with all that experience i can see him joining the league perfectly

  12. No thanks, people need to move on already. Tired of ‘grounded’ Batman, I want a Batman film that’s comic book-y but dark and serious like the Arkham games were.

  13. No…Everybody keeps bitching about "comic book accuracy" so here's what you do :Hire a 6'4" Batman built like Hulk Hogan but a million times more athletic . Im tired of skinny Batmen. Batman has the exact same physique as Supes in the comics, yet Ive NEVER seen a skinny Superman on screen. Ever.. Do it right for F'n once.

  14. To be honest Jenson elkoles is my defective choice for the the role of the dcu batman he's the perfect age to play batman he's in great shape he got thr voice