Planning a road trip can be challenging, particularly if you are travelling with the family. With important documents to organise such as passports and EU health card renewal as well as car rental and accommodation at every stop, it can become overwhelming. However, we have a solution. In this article, we will be providing you with a list of reasons why Europe is the perfect place for a road trip, regardless of who you are travelling with.

Stunning Scenery

There are a number of reasons to visit Europe on a holiday, but what about a European road trip? With a number of picturesque locations that can be easily missed by flying, a road trip is a perfect way to see the very best that Europe has to offer. Whether you are driving along with the cost of France or are heading through the mountainous regions, this is the perfect way to see the sites all whilst saving money, particularly if you are travelling as a family.

Years Of History

In addition to a number of amazing locations, there is also years of history for you to explore. Whether you visit the colosseum whilst passing through the Italian capital or you stop off In Poland and Germany to experience historical points of interest from world war two, there is plenty of history to be discovered when travelling around Europe. In addition to this, a road trip is an ideal way to travel with camera equipment allowing you to perfectly capture the very best that Europe has to offer on the best camera that you own.

Roadside Landmarks

In addition to a number of iconic landmarks, there are some roadside landmarks such as Stonehenge that can be seen as you are passing through and adds an element of entertainment to the drive. Whether this is the fork of Vevey in Switzerland or the Giant Clothespin in Belgium this is the perfect example of the weird and wonderful that you can find on the roadside throughout Europe. Whether you decide to stop off at one of these destinations and grab a photo or you are just passing through, this can add excitement to your trip and act as a great stopping point to stretch your legs.


With some of the worlds most impressive tunnels residing in Europe, you can get to and from a number of European locations with ease. Whether it is the channel tunnel from England to France or the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, you can marvel at the excellence of some of the worlds largest and longest tunnels. Another tunnel that is well worth a visit is the Spiralen Tunnel in Norway. This 1.65-kilometre tunnel is engineering that has to be seen to be believed. With 6 spirals spanning the whole length of the tunnel, you can follow the tunnel and end up in the city of Drammen Valley making this a sight to behold for anyone looking for an interesting way to travel.

Regardless of whether you are heading on your trip in the near future, or you are slowly piecing together an itinerary for a trip next year, there are a number of amazing locations for you to visit on your European road trip. Where will you travel to first?

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