Group riding is one of the most enjoyable parts of a trip with tour friends. One has to be organized and all should be well planned before heading to trip. A road trip is a new experience and adventure to learn and adopt new things in life. Everyone should explore such a long-distance interesting group riding once in a life.

But that does come with some challenges to face for the successful and memorable ride. It can also pear-shaped if certain safety measures aren’t taken honestly. Make your trip so memorable by overcoming challenges through Tour Of TamilNadu. Here are some things you should go once if planning for Motorcycle tip in the group.

Choose your ride wisely

A cool looking bike shouldn’t be the only motto while selecting a bike. The smooth and successful ride should be the main concern of road trip, having the right ride is more crucial while choosing the motorcycle. Do your research and find the one that suits you and an easy to handle for long like sharp headlights, softer seat, different handlebar and guards.

Hold a Pre-Ride Meeting

Before to head out to start with the trip, it is very important to meet with all your riders to decide where to stop, how long to go, the pace of the ride, etc. It’s good to get everyone organized before going forward to avoid any circumstance.

Select leader between yours who is little aware of the routs and atmosphere as well that will help you a lot for hurdle free ride.  Also share all information in between like, contact details, ICE details, mileage targets and more.

Safety is the Priority

One should never compromise with safety purpose. Each one from the group must know their safety responsibilities. An individual should go as per his/her comfort while riding considering the speed of the motorcycle. It is mandatory to consider overall riding stamina, capabilities, and skills.

Dress appropriately

Dressing while road trip that too in a motorcycle is imperative. It helps to drive with ease and safely by avoiding any weather effects.  Usually, it is suggested to wear ankle boots, t-shirt, riding pant with a jacket and a full-face helmet.

In some hazardous and uneven road, one should also wear knee and elbow guards to avoid any worst situation.

Don’t lose the Map

While on a road trip must use technology and rely on GPS and never go ahead without a map in your bag. Even carry the hard copy with you as in remote areas don’t have network accessibility so hardcopy will be the cup of tea that time. Never fill shy to ask anyone regarding directions if you are not sure for the route in between.

Share Responsibilities

It’s really good to divide the work and responsibility while traveling that will help to reduce load and increases the smoothness of the trip. Where in case of anything wrong it blames the one and can spoil your ride rather than share the responsibilities amongst the members. Divide the task as per the individual expert for such as one is good with financial things so let him handle expenses, another is good with bargaining let him do booking and purchasing and so on.

Keep Identification and details

The most important tip is to keep your identification proof with you. Each rider must be aware of his/her identification and should share amongst the group in case of an emergency. Each of you should first share each other’s contact details in cell phone and note it in some hard copy to avoid battery and network issue so can contact any time while riding in false route or else.

Take Breaks & Stay Hydrated

One should take number of breaks than to regular one that keeps you to go longer without being anxious. As per your body, you should take a break and stay hydrated frequently to keep you and your trip healthy. One should need to back with hydration while traveling to have water from inside the bag through a long tube. Need the break in between also helps to check your motorcycle with any need and to check weather and rest your back to avoid any sore.

So let us know your experience of a road trip and if not yet plan your trip today through amazing Tour of TamilNadu by following this tips to have successful and memorable motorcycle ride with your friends.

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