Planning a NSW road trip with the kids can be a tough one because you’ll need to fill your days with kid-friendly activities and find ways to keep them entertained. Here’s some of the best must-sees in NSW’s South Coast when on a family road trip:

Sublime Point Lookout

One of the first stops of this road trip is Sublime Point Lookout. An excellent pitstop that overlooks the enter Illawarra coastline, it’s a great place for a toilet break and to stretch your legs before heading on the road again.

You might ask, why is there a chain link with so many padlocks locked onto it? It is one of those places for people to place lovelocks which are basically symbolic of their love.

Sea Cliff Bridge

As part of the Grand Pacific Drive, you’ll pass through the Sea Cliff Bridge, acclaimed for its unique views as a coastal road raised above the ocean that runs along the side of the land. This bridge runs for 650m so you need to make sure everyone’s paying attention and looking out the left hand side windows of the car!

Kiama Blowhole

Child-safe with fenced off areas, this amazing location is one where you can take the kids for a quick stop. The blowhole has bragging rights as the largest blowhole in the world and will have the kids shouting in excitement in the lead up to the gush of water that frequently spurts from Kiama Blowhole.

Robertson Pie Shop

Choose from a selection of pastries – namely the pie from the famous Robertson Pie Shop, renowned for having the best pies in Australia. Nearby is a tacky tourist trap known as the Big Potato which is just a huge brown rock. It’s not that interesting but it might amuse the kids.

Belmore Falls

A spectacular sight to see in the Southern Highlands, you’ll be mesmerised by its sheer beauty. Go on a hike with your family – it’s a bit tough but the for the views it is definitely worth it! This waterfall is the best in the Southern Highlands.

Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk

This one is perfect for the whole family as you’ll have a truly special experience walking on the pathways built 20 metres above ground, going through the treetops. There’s options to partake in ziplining across the treetops for those who are daring. When it’s a rainy day, it’s even more interesting because you can walk through a fine mist – much like in a horror movie.

Go on and enjoy a family road trip in NSW’s South Coast… it’s fun, exciting and incredible scenic.

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