Looking for an easy road trip with picturesque views and the feel of nature with riverside camping and caravanning? The Kosciuszko Alpine Way is a 3 day trip that takes you south of Sydney, all the way through Kosciuszko National Park towards the border where there’s the Murray River, and then back to Sydney.

Day 1: Sydney –> Canberra –> Cooma

Firstly, you’ll start off at the city and head south along the Monaro Highway and you’ll arrive at Cooma, known to be the gateway to the Snowy Mountains. Cooma has several points of interest such as its Snowy Hydro Information and Education Centre where you’ll learn about Australia’s largest engineering project. Driving on, you can visit Mount Gladstone just 3km west of Cooma, and bask in the spectacular views of Monaro and the Snowy Mountains.

For those who love hiking, there’s the Lambie Town Walk which starts at Centennial Park, going through 10km of old town areas and bushland. If you have spare time, check out some events in Cooma such as the Cooma Rotary Markets and the annual Snowy Hydro Cooma Show.

Day 2: Cooma –> Jindabyne

On day 2, choose from a variety of cafes on Sharp Street and then head west to Jindabyne, passing through amazing lake and mountain views. Jindabyne has plenty of activities for the outdoors. Regarded as one of the best locations for trout fishing in NSW, Jindabyne also has horse riding and scenic bike riding tracks. There’s also the WildBrumby Distillery where you can sample some traditional locally-brewed schnapps. Whilst you’re there, do head to Thredbo and climb Mt Kosciuszko!

Looking down Karels T-Bar, Thredbo

Day 3: Jindabyne –> Sydney

The final leg of the trip. You can go and explore the mountains of Kosciuszko National Park, and make a visit to Khancoban, a small country town located on the side of the Snowy Mountains. In Khancoban you’ll find the Khancoban Pondage which is a lake for fishing and water skiing, and there are also caravan parks located in the area for you to stay. Check out the power stations in the area and also natural beauties such as Geehi Flats.

View to the West - Mt Kosciuszko, Mount Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Once you reach Cooma, drop by the craft stores for some souvenirs, because soon you’ll be just travelling the same roads again all the way on your return to Sydney. If you haven’t already, this’ll be your last chance to stop by the Big Merino past Goulburn.

You don’t have to follow this sample itinerary completely, as there are plenty of side trips and attractions available, should you have more than 3 days of travel available. Also, make sure you plan ahead by checking your tyres, if you might need a car battery replacement and doing general car maintenance. Spending more time exploring places rather than worrying about getting from point A to B will make your road trip much more enjoyable!

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