Looking for an easy but fun-packed weekend getaway? Here’s a guide on what you could do on a road trip down the South Coast of New South Wales. Head out on a beautiful Saturday morning from Sydney to the seaside town of Shellharbour, less than 2 hours south of Sydney before heading out in the afternoon further south to Kiama for a spectacular beachside adventure.

Sublime Point Lookout

A quick stop located at Bulli is an amazing lookout that overlooks the coastline of Wollongong. At Sublime Point Lookout there you’ll get a panoramic view of the sea, rainforest and beaches across the coast. If you’re going on a weekend road trip with a loved one, here’s something you might be interested in – there’s 2 chains on the lookout fence specifically placed there for lovers to attach love locks to. What are love locks? They are padlocks that people can lock onto something at a place of interest such as a bridge, fence, gate, etc. to symbolize their everlasting love.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Your second pit stop will be at Sea Cliff Bridge. This 650m long bridge provides nice views on the side as it winds around the coastline of the South Coast. An awesome way to enjoy the Sea Cliff Bridge is by parking at the end of the bridge and walking across the bridge. A leisurely stroll opens up opportunities to take great photos of the curvature of the bridge and enjoy the fresh air and views.


Shellharbour Village

It is a seemingly quiet area as you’d expect from a beach town, but Shellharbour has heaps of great restaurants to dine at and cafes to enjoy a coffee and brunch at in the morning. Relax at the Shellharbour Village before unwinding at Shellharbour Beach just down the road.

Kiama Blowhole

Holding the title for the largest blowhole in the world, your exploration of Kiama begins at the Kiama Blowhole which was discovered by explorer George Bass in 1797. The blowhole can spray water up to heights of 25m if you’re lucky! Attracting 600,000 tourists a year, Kiama Blowhole can get crowded at times but it sure doesn’t disappoint.

Bombo Headland

Feel like you’re on a different world as you walk through the peculiar landscapes of Bombo Headland Quarry. The headlands were used for blue metal quarrying back in the 1889s and 1900s, leaving the remains of what you see today. This location is perfect for a photoshoot of the hexagonal basalt columns and huge waves.

Cathedral Rocks

A little cave at Cathedral Rocks provides a good photo opportunity if you climb inside and have the rocks appear in the background with the mouth of the cave as the border. Watch out for mosquitos in the cave as there are lots of them flying around! The best way to access the Cathedral Rocks is by parking at the Jones Beach northside car park and walking across Jones Beach towards the rocky area. It is much safer and accessible than going through the other direction.

Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk

Walk through the treetops on an adventure through the Illawarra Fly and be rewarded with lookouts of the surrounding Illawarra area. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to walk through temporary mists and fog as clouds move through. It will be like walking through a scene in Jurassic Park as you hear the strange calls of the lyrebirds on the forest floor below.

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