So you’ve decided to travel the world – awesome! Finally mustering enough energy, money, time, and opportunity to travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. No matter the specifics sort of trip you’re on – whether it be a lengthy road trip, a cycling excursion, or even something more traditional – you’re bound to gain new insights and experiences just from spending time in new places. To help you along the way, we wanted to write up a more general piece containing some tips for those new to travelling.

KonMari Is The Most Efficient Travel Packing Method
If you’re concerned about organising and packing your stuff efficiently, look no further than Netflix’s Marie Kondo and her life-affirming take on minimalist packing. Applying this simple method to your travel packing starts with a suitcase or travelling bag that sparks joy. In a nutshell, you need to roll and arrange clothes in a way that takes up minimal space while still allowing each piece of clothing to be visible. Pack your toiletries last, as they’re not only the smallest pieces in your bag, but also the ones you will most likely need to access regularly.

Never Leave Home Without A 500ml Reusable Water Bottle
Needless to say, this is a particularly essential tip for those going on cycling or hiking adventures! 500ml is the minimum, but feel free to bring at least a one-litre bottle with you as well. Always keep that bottle filled up; in the event of an emergency, or if you get stuck somewhere for whatever reason, it always helps to have an ample supply of drinking water. (Note: You can also bring foldable silicone/plastic water bottles that take up less luggage space when not in use!)

Always Have Alternative Payment Methods
You never know when your debit or credit card will be rejected for some reason or another, and you won’t always have access to currency exchange. For this reason, having some alternative payment methods set up is a good idea. You might start with PayPal, which is an option most are comfortable with but which is more widespread than most even realise. A Canadian gaming resource discussing international transactions for the latest real-money betting sites may frame the service’s utility best, discussing it as an option that protects “sensitive financial transactions.” That indeed is how people think of it around the world, whether they’re using it to play games or for any number of other types of transactions around the world. PayPal isn’t the only option of course, but this is an example of a trusted alternative payment method that might just be recognised no matter where you happen to be travelling, if you face a need for something besides cash or a card.

Bring And Consult Physical Maps
Even if you remembered to charge your power bank, there’s no insurance that you can access online maps when you’re in remote or strange places. And even if you save those maps for offline use, you can’t always ensure that your smartphone will work as you expect it to. This is why Road Trip Log has advised travellers to carry physical maps of the areas they’re visiting. Updated maps never run out of batteries, and can be folded for convenient carrying.

Learn To Tell One Or Two Wholesome Jokes In The Local Language
While it’s always useful to learn rudimentary places like asking where the hotel or restroom is located, locals in tourist-trodden places are likely to be able to communicate with visitors when it comes to basic information. Besides, you can always bring a book of local phrases and read from it if necessary. What locals really appreciate though is foreigners being able to speak unexpected phrases with the local tongue – such as jokes or dialect-specific expressions. Wholesome jokes in particular can make for a good way to lighten the mood. Even if they’re corny or common, it’s always amusing to locals to hear foreigners have a go at a joke. It never hurts to be able to build a rapport with those you may encounter on the road!

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